Enhancement Funds

Additional contributions to these funds are encouraged and may be made at any time.


Athletic Facilities Fund

The Marion High School Athletic Booster Club established this fund to support MHS athletic facilities. This fund is currently being used for renovations to the Les Hipple Athletic Complex (baseball, softball, soccer and tennis), with a goal of also renovating the Marion football and track complex. Additional donations are needed to complete renovations to the Les Hipple Athletic Complex.

Bruno Rinas Memorial Science & Interdisciplinary Research Grant

Science teacher Bruno Rinas was a beloved employee of Marion High School for 31 years. After receiving numerous memorial contributions after his death in 2011, the Rinas family established this endowment to support scientific research for faculty and students; as well as bring awareness to the scientific and general educational strides Marion High School is making.

Jay White Educational Enhancement Fund

The Jay White Educational Enhancement Fund was established by Mary Anne White in memory of her son, Jason “Jay” White, a 1992 Marion High School graduate who died in 1994. The fund has supported projects such as the Monet Garden at the high school, the Vernon Middle School tutoring program, the MHS character/mentor program and a variety of other projects district-wide.

John Nelson Fund

A graduate of the Marion High School class of 1935, John Nelson was a railroad switchman who appreciated the value of a good education. Spending a lifetime investing his savings and pension income, Mr. Nelson was able to bequest more than one half million dollars to the Foundation upon his death in 2005. He made significant contributions to the Foundation, school district, his church and various community organizations. His gift to the Foundation had no stipulations except that the funds be used for education. The Foundation’s Board of Trustees established a fund in John Nelson’s name and began disbursing funds in 2009 toward scholarships, Marion Fund grants and more.

Performing Arts Facilities Fund

Established by the Marion Performing Arts Council along with the Marion High School Thespians, this fund is dedicated to improving performing arts spaces. The fund is currently being directed toward the renovation of the Marion High School Auditorium. Additional donations are needed to begin work on the Marion High School Auditorium. Contributions to this fund may also be used toward the future construction of a Performing Arts Center.

Rathbun Fund

This fund was established by Anna Rathbun to support the needs of the Marion High School library and is used for the purchase of books and other related media material. A disbursement is made annually upon request.

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