Funded Projects

Teachers have the opportunity to apply for funding from the Marion Foundation during fall and spring grant cycles every school year. There is no minimum or maximum amount that can be requested. A Grant Committee consisting of current and former district staff, parents, alumni and other community leaders reviews each funding request. These projects were awarded funding in Spring 2023.

the joy of reading (Year 3)

Rebecca VonBehren & Terri Schmidt – Starry Elementary
Renee Meth- Francis Marion Intermediate
Kim DeWulf & Marcy Shie – Longfellow Elementary
Providing a free book once a month to every kindergarten- 4th grade student. Students keep the books to grow their libraries at home.

AMPED: Classroom Computers

Roxanne Paulson & Pete Messerli – Marion High School
Funds for the purchase of classroom computers to run Design Space for new high school curriculum combining math, business and industrial tech.

Geometry in Construction Tools

Andrea Hansen, Dennis Fleege, Abby Wennekamp – Marion High School
Funds for the purchase of tools for new high school curriculum combining geometry and industrial tech.

Starry Social/Emotional Library

Kelli Johnson- Starry Elementary
Funds for the purchase of books, games,and activities to support the social-emotional health of Starry students.

Clavinova Piano

Olivia Freesmeier – Longfellow Elementary
Enhanced the Longfellow music department with the purchase of a YamahaCVP-701 Clavinova piano. This grant was made possible by support  in memory of David Shindoll.

Computer Science: Flying with Finch Flocks 

Heath Mueller- Vernon Middle School
Funds will purchase FinchRobots to enhance  computer science standards at Vernon Middle School.


Chris Martin, Mike Manderscheid – Marion High School
Grant funds will be used to purchase equipment to start an Esports team at Marion High School, allowing students to participate in The Iowa High School EsportsAssociation on a Nintendo Switch.

Take Charge

MHS Take Charge Members – Marion High School
Take Charge is a student-led leadership group that teaches the hazards of tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use to other MISD students and our community through classroom presentations and advocacy activities. Funds will be used for marketing and program support.

Summer Institute 2023

Abby Wennekamp – District Office
Teacher incentive items distributed at the Marion Independent School District’s Summer Institute, improving the student learning environment.