Grant Application

MISD staff have an opportunity to apply for grants from the Marion Independent School Foundation & Alumni Association. A Grant Committee consisting of current and former district staff, parents, alumni and other community leaders reviews each funding request.

2019-20 Grant timeline

Fall cycle

September 2, 2019:  Application Opens
October 1, 2019:  Application Closes
October 7-11, 2019:  MISD Administrative Review
October 28, 2019:  Applicants Present to Grant Committee
November 4-7, 2019:  Grant Recipients Announced
November 26, 2019:  Deadline for Ordering
January 31, 2020: Grant Recap Reports Due

Spring cycle

January 6, 2020:  Application Opens
January 31, 2020:  Application Closes
February 10-14, 2020:  MISD Administrative Review
March 30, 2020:  Applicants Present to Grant Committee
April 6-9, 2020:  Grant Recipients Announced
May 1, 2020:  Deadline for Ordering
September 30, 2020: Grant Recap Reports Due

Grant Guidelines

  • Projects must align with the mission, vision, and values of the District and Foundation.
  • Applicants must be teachers or administrators. Applications will not be considered for students or groups outside MISD without a staff sponsor.
  • Eligible requests include those that enhance curriculum, bring innovation to the classroom, provide summer or after-school enrichment, guest speakers and more. If you are uncertain whether or not your request is eligible please contact the Foundation.
  • Requests for capital projects (i.e. permanent physical structures) and the funding of salaries will not be considered. These requests must go through MISD administration and/or Board of Education.
  • Collaborations between buildings and among staff are encouraged and preferred. Applicants apply for grants on behalf of their classroom, grade, department or school. Grants are awarded based on the belief that items will be shared within the District as deemed appropriate by MISD leadership. Items purchased with grant funds are under the direction and ownership of MISD.

Grant Application

The Project Budget template needed for your application is available here.

Please describe the purpose of your project and how the funds will be used.
Include the number of students and staff impacted and how. Consider the timeline of the project and the lifespan of the requested items.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Upload your Project Budget using the template provided. (10 MB max. file size)
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Provide a letter of support from each principal whose building may be impacted by this project. Please combine all letters into one document before uploading here. (10 MB max. file size, .docx file type not accepted)
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Provide a quote from your preferred vendor. If a quote is not available, provide a screen shot of the exact item(s) being requested. If there are multiple pages, please combine them into one document before uploading here. (10 MB max. file size, .docx file type not accepted)
Examples include but are not limited to social media, labeling the items (stickers provided) and displaying your certificate at your school.
Grant Presentations: Applicants are required to make a 5 to 10-minute presentation to the Grant Committee on the March 30, 2020 Work Day.

Payment Policy: All expenses must be processed through the Marion Independent School District. The Foundation does not reimburse individuals.

Recap Report: Grant recipients must complete a one-page Grant Recap Report if funding is received. The report should include a written summary, photos and at least one student testimonial (quote). Recipients who do not meet this requirement may not be eligible for future funding.