2023 Scholarships

On May 10, 2023, the Marion School Foundation awarded 55 scholarships worth over $56,000 to graduating seniors to help further their education. We give special thanks to the generous people who have donated to make these scholarship awards possible.

A reception was held after the event thanks to support from GreenState Credit Union. Marion Foundation representatives included Past President Greg Van Gorp, President Doreen Zumwalt, Executive Director Elisabeth Kissling, Alumni Relations Director Zhen E Rammelsberg, Administrative Assistant Nichole Kirpes and President-Elect Bonnie Raasch who also presented the scholarships as Scholarship Committee Chair.

Below is a list of 2023 scholarships and their recipients. Congratulations 2023 seniors!

Cahalan Memorial Scholarship

  • Jarred Regennitter

Darrell & Dorothy (Merritt) Fisher Scholarships

  • Emily Dooley
  • Piper Even, and
  • Elizabeth Fitch

Veda Pollock Moore Scholarships

  • Aubrey Backous
  • Alexander Roney

Ruth S. Henderson Memorial Scholarship

  • Gracie Schwartz

Dr. Robert Thurness Memorial Scholarship

  • Wesley Logan

Duane Ockenfels Memorial Scholarship

  • Peyton Johnson

Justin Turner Memorial Scholarships

  • Allison Cross
  • Mia Utsinger

Marion Firefighters Association Scholarship

  • Alyssa Johnson

West Family Scholarships

  • Anastyn Brashaw and
  • Anastasia Scott

Senninger Trojan Lodge Scholarship

  • Zoey Wecker

Lowell Morgan Service & Character Scholarship

  • Hope Vanderlinden

Jason “Jay” White Memorial Scholarship

  • Jackson Kirsch

Todd Little Memorial Scholarship

  • Mason Kinney

Soccer Officiating Scholarships

  • John Harker and
  • Gracie Schwartz

Jim & Teresa Conklin Soccer Scholarship

  • Jackson Kirsch

Hapgood Family Scholarships

  • Alison Varney
  • Emma Varney
  • Kristin Varney

Jeff Rehnstrom Memorial Scholarship

  • Josie Barkalow

Joel Cox Memorial Scholarship

  • Chris Oberbroeckling

John Schlotterback Business Scholarship

  • Robin Loughrey

Kelly Grishaber Memorial Scholarship

  • Phoebe Parenteau

Marion Foundation Hall of Fame Scholarships

  • Allison Steffen
  • Noah Wasek
  • Anna Reisner

Michelle Fluckiger Niles Memorial Scholarship

  • Griffin Coates

Mike McGrew Memorial Scholarship

  • Ellie Hatfield

Morris F. Neighbor Memorial Scholarship

  • Ella Bockenstedt
  • Elliott Dyrland
  • Regan Rice

Ratliff/Ames Scholarships

  • Noelle Regennitter
  • Emma Afeldt
  • Rebeckah Regennitter
  • Lauren Garity

Rebecca Paulson Memorial Scholarship

  • Sydney Potter

Miller Memorial Scholarships

  • Vincent Brown
  • Evan Wahlstrom
  • Lily Ford
  • Kaden Frommelt
  • Owen Fry
  • Aelwyn Dickey
  • Grant Schulz
  • Connor Pospisil
  • Keara McGuire
  • Marco Olachnovitch
  • Lora Mitchell
  • Addison Stearns
  • Jakob Regennitter
  • Leah Fruehling