Foundation Awards 27 Senior Scholarships

On Wednesday, May 1st the Class of 2019 gathered in the Marion High School Auditorium surrounded by parents and family to witness their classmates receive prestigious honors, awards, and scholarships to continue their education.  Students were recognized for a multitude of honors ranging from Top 10 Scholars, to Honor Society Members, to Foreign Language Awards.  […]

Making The Quill Yearbook Digital

The Marion Alumni Association was founded in 1878 and is still going strong after 140 years! The Foundation has helped keep track of historical information about Marion schools through the years. Some of the oldest pieces are composite panels of graduating classes from 1893-1922.  The Foundation is seeking funds to professionally restore and preserve the […]

Elementary Counselor Continues to Give

Longtime elementary counselor and coach Ron Thomason continues his work of helping and coaching students even after his passing.  Thomason unexpectedly passed away on February 3, 2019 and leaves a long-standing impact on the Marion Independent School District, and its staff and students. “If I didn’t achieve my goal in a particular cross country race, […]