Giacoletto Brothers

Giacoletto Foundation Supports STEM Education

Dedicated to lifelong learning, John and Lawrence Giacoletto both achieved great success in their academic and professional careers. The Giacoletto brothers had bachelor’s degrees in Electrical Engineering and earned over two dozen patents over the course of their careers. John Giacoletto worked locally for what was then the Collins Radio Company. The Giacoletto Foundation seeks to honor their memory by providing funds to government and not-for-profit organizations which support higher education and lifelong learning.

The Giacoletto Foundation awarded the Marion Foundation a grant for $8,225 to purchase science lab materials for Marion High School. The new equipment includes various probes and sensors that allow students to collect data in real-time during labs. That data immediately feeds to an application on their district-issued Chromebooks.

Equipment includes temperature probes, force sensors, motion detectors, pH probes, gas pressure sensors, Photogates, dissolved oxygen probes, and CO2 and O2 sensors. Since the grant was awarded in April, the probes and sensors have been used in Chemistry, Physics and Field Biology. The lab equipment will eventually be used across nine different science courses, both general and advanced, for students in grades 9-12.

Principal Greg Semler shared, “I believe this technology allows students to partake in many labs and hands-on activities which are essential to their learning.”

The Marion Foundation is honored to partner with Giacoletto Foundation and the MHS science department to make a big impact on science education at Marion.