Marion Grant Supports AMPED Classroom Computers

During spring of 2023 Marion High School teachers Roxanne Paulsen and Pete Messerli applied for Marion Foundation grant support for a funded project purchasing new computers for students to use for the AMPED class at Marion High School.

The goal was to use computers to allow students to run the Cricut and Laser Engraver and to install Adobe Illustrator so that students could create designs that AMPED could reproduce and sell.

We are happy to report that the computers are in place and Adobe Illustrator is installed.  The computers have given staff a new level of security. Students are demonstrating new creativity with the use of Adobe Illustrator. AMPED staff are excited to see what students can produce and make to give them real-life experience with making and selling products with the engraver.

“Our students have been really excited to use the new computers to create. They seem more willing to learn how to create on them.” -AMPED Staff

This project was made possible with support from The Giacoletto Foundation.

The Marion Foundation’s grant program provides teachers an opportunity to receive funding for projects that benefit students in the Marion Independent School District. Grants are made possible because of generous contributions the Foundation receives throughout the year from both businesses and individuals as well as a number of educational funds that are invested with the Foundation for long-term benefit.